Korth Revolvers For Sale

The Korth revolver is a legendary handgun unparalleled in smoothness, accuracy, and dependability. Imported by Nighthawk Custom from Herten, Germany, Korth revolvers are machined from the finest billet steel available and feature finger-grooved Hogue grips with a trigger face polished to smooth perfection. For those who revere fine craftsmanship and undeniable durability in the field, on the range or in competition, the Korth revolver gun is the best in its class. Korth NXR .44 Magnum 6″, Korth NXS, available in stock and many more.



Why Choose Korth Revolvers

Versatile in both multi-caliber capability and trigger mechanism, this legendary weapon is superior grade form melded with unrelenting function. Find this elite handgun at our shop trusted by professionals, korthrevolversusa.com.

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